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Social Ciphers Consulting serves as administrators and support for the #socialciphers network.

I (Elaine Laroche) created #socialciphers™ network for people using business systems (or any system – even if it is your system at home) to remove the opportunity for preventable harm (cultivate a lasting peace). Let’s support each other and celebrate each other’s wins!
Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments of our pinned post:
“Hello, all. I’m Elaine. I have a long history (17 years) of studying the design of violence and it’s counterpart: a lasting peace. As an applied behavioral analyst, and neurodiversity researcher, and peacebuilding geek, I’ve chosen business development and leadership as my sandbox while making tools for equity. I’ve consulted with some of the world’s leading teams in communications, peacekeeping, arts, and tech. I believe we can solve the world’s “wicked issues” if those facing violence could be made safe to join our efforts for sustainability, by our making shifts to trauma-informed business operations. I hold office hours in the group every weekday, so don’t hesitate to say hello.  “
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