As of June 2018, I (Elaine Laroche) no longer consult privately. After June 2018, find me in the #socialciphers™ network. When I did consult privately, the people I worked with said things like this:

“You saved the entire team from mental breakdowns in our second year of operation.” – Jessica, Manager.

“I was able to find what motivated me. I made my position into one that fulfills my sense of purpose.” – Bruce, Employee.

“In an ever-changing world where business can touch so many lives and create so many emotions, this is a powerful tool. Now that I’ve experienced the difference it can make to do business without intruding on someone else’s sense of self (or my own!), I know I’ll never go back to operating in any other way.” – Emily, Assistant Manager

“Our agents, some with several years of tenure and bad sales habits, responded almost instantly with a changed outlook on approaching sales with our customers. Elaine explained the context of why these approaches worked, which allowed us to build our own coaching methods that suited our teams. Anyone looking to improve their sales knowledge and results will find Elaine to be incredibly well suited for doing the job and will be hard-pressed to find someone more engaging and pleasant to work with.” – David, Technical and Customer Service Supervisor

One thing that I would really like to emphasize about working with Elaine is that she absolutely listens and get to the core and heart of what is important to YOU, and then starts putting the supporting systems and processes underneath. Elaine does not come in and start switching things all around, forcing you to adhere to the way that she wants things to be done. It’s a very refreshing experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to gain clarity in any aspect of a business.” Linda, Small Business Owner

“Elaine is helping me with my business by installing processes to ensure both growth and success. If you have started or are thinking about starting a business she is a talented professional and is extremely knowledgeable. She is handcrafting a business plan and strategy that works for both my specific business and my out of control personality. Words cannot express how impressed I am. Looking forward to our adventure!” – Amanda, Business Owner

“Elaine took on the role of developing sales skills for the National eCare technical team. She shone in her ability to connect with people and explain a topic that was often intimidating. Her ability to analyze and develop new ways to relate key messages showed immediately in increased comfort with the sales process.“
– Mario, Sales and Support Manager

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